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Dip Molding

The dipping process has converted many products previously formed by injection and blow molding processes. With constant upgrades to equipment, raw materials and improved technology and process control, dip molding is sometimes the best process choice for a product. This process is definitely the choice for low volume or startup projects requiring experimental marketing or limited capital. Internal tolerances rival that of other more expensive processes. Since no pressure is involved, tooling and setup can be a fraction of the cost of other processes. Although outer dimensions can be controlled surprisingly well, this process is not for products requiring extreme dimensional control of both inner and outer dimensions.


These seat belt sleeves are a good example of an automotive dip molded product



Grips are among the most common dip molded product


Protector caps, cannulas, catheters and thin wall cuffs and covers are dip moldable.


Custom Dip Molded Products
Don't dismiss dip molding as a possible low cost process for your custom project. Give us a call to discuss the details and we can provide you with an instant answer regarding the dip moldability of your product.